Led by an “Industry Primary” (industry knowledgeable/professional team), markets are created and sales are stimulated. Incidental purchase orders generate ongoing business and investor income (unique shared-revenue structure). This also qualifies producer capability. Proven producers align. Together, they benefit from improved economies to form a superior, market enhanced, supply chain value proposition. Greater market appeal generates more demand. Demand translates into increased sales, often equating into recurring business. Improved business activity when locally expanded or regionally replicated, stimulates growth. Prudently managed growth employs efficiencies, lowers costs, improving profit. This further enhances underlying value, supporting capital appreciation. Scope is unlimited. Ultimately, the sale or capital market listing of the consolidated whole realizes the increased value.

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This exposes an acute market need; in essence it is the need for a common purpose, growth organization – one that is fair and is equitable when compensating those who have endured initial risk, yet ensures that the objectives of all subsequent supporters are also met.

Needed is a professional resource organization that brings together structure and strategy and on behalf of all stakeholders, merges or acquires, and progressively builds upon what exists. Responding to this need is…