In the wake of our recent global economic turmoil, diminished markets and tighter credit are still a challenge. Augment Opportunities Inc., offers a response. Now two forces work together…

  1. Investors fuel greater Industry Productivity, each uniquely market enhanced, while;
  2. Industry Productivity, in turn, generates Investor Income & attractive Capital Gains

Augment’s role: Assemble, unite and transition growth challenged enterprise into investment worthy business development organizations. Identifying fragmented sectors that by definition are not realizing their performance potential each industry initiative is structured to attract direct investment. Professionally managed, every undertaking – internally referred to as an “IPEP” or ‘Industry Productivity Enhancement Plan’ – pursues a common market objective. The process steps through a highly flexible 3-Tier, consolidation process. Candidates elect succession or an enterprise supportive ‘alliance’ status. Investor and business owner needs are effectively aligned, as sound merger-acquisition oriented growth opportunities include features such as:

  1. A single ‘brand’ to develop a common market approach for the entire complement
  2. Unlimited Leverage: Capitalizes on the operating assets of an entire industry group.
  3. Steady Growth: Collectively enhanced, locally expanded, regionally replicated
  4. Income: ‘Off the Top’ Income Participation vs. waiting for ‘illusive’ net profit
  5. Capital Appreciation – Sales stimulate growth, growth fosters efficiencies, value added sale made evermore attractive with increasingly diversified supply group.

the NEED

That the
"spirit of entrepreneurialism"
fosters innovation is readily
acknowledged. Without it, few
businesses would ever be launched.
Less widely known, however
is the fact that the majority of
those who start a business are
not all that ‘entrepreneurial’.

‘Entrepreneurial’ means having
the skills and knowledge to grow
an organization – the difference
between being in business for
10 years, or 1 year 10 times.
The challenge increases when
there is a need for equity
investment. Conflict arises.

The same “independent will
that originated the endeavour,
now faced with having to satisfy
the growth demands of those who
provided capital, often clash.
High expectation deteriorates
to frustration and disillusionment,
business founders and investors
are thereby both poorly served.

Harness maker