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Where comprehensive Industry Productivity Enhancement Plans (or "IPEPs") harness the growth-potential of Small to Medium-sized Producer Enterprise (SMEs). Fuelled by grass roots financial support, well led ‘industry complements’ uniquely avoid the higher risk of ‘single enterprise' investment. These establish professionally managed, growth organizations. Each delivers monthly, revenue-sharing investor distributions, as well as, capital appreciation over a target of 3 to 7 years. Ultimately, a sale to an industry major, private equity group or pursuit of an IPO realize the intrinsic value that is the objective of each co-op analogous, business development undertaking.

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Harness maker

Our woodcut, of a medieval century ‘Harnessmaker’, is highly representative
of our objective… to “inspan” opportunity!


New ideas, new products, new
methods – all the exciting things
that occur in a lifetime and
mark change – come and go.
The driving force that makes them
happen, however, is a constant.

It is an unchanging source;
a force that springs from teaming
the innovative producer with the
perceptive financial participant!

That Force… that Constant
…is Opportunity

aug•ment (ōg-ment’): To make
(something already developed
or well under way) greater, as in
size, extent, or quantity.